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Last Firguns:
Hamo, I would eat a Krembo with you in any way you choose. You are such a diplomat that when you tell me to go to hell I look forward to the trip.
Odi, I never say that I never met you before. You're not my toy.
Uri, You are the honey on my granola and greek yogurt. I'd say God Bless you, but it looks like he already did.
Avigdor Liberman, You are like a magnum ice cream, I just dont want to put you down. Strangers all want to sit next to you on the bus.
ayn rand, You are not someone I pretend to not see in public. I love rock n roll, I love your shoes, and I love you baby!
Jennifer Lawrence, Sugar, sugar, how d'ya get so fly? You never have bad hair days.
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